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CRDBAG is a Swedish company that creates smart storage solutions primarily aimed at professionals working within still photography and film.

The founders of CRDBAG identified the need for high quality and functional sub-storage products after having actively worked in the camera rental business and professionally as filmmakers for several years.

Embraced by professional filmmakers and photographers all over the world, the first version of the CRDPOUCH was sold out in less than 3 months after its launch in fall 2021. With the release of the CRDPOUCH MKII, CRDBAG raises the bar for the standard of sub-packing equipment once more.
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    CRDPOUCH MKII CRDPOUCH MKII?- A kit of smartly designed bags in four different sizes. The ultimate tool for sub-packing and storing camera equipment. 
    * Keep your gear well-organized
    * Save time packing and unpacking
    * Prevent wear and tear
    The very best materials and trim assembled into a seamless exterior makes the CRDPOUCH a modern classic for a new way of organizing camera gear. Länk till produkten »


    CRDWALL CRDWALL – The new way of storing camera gear
    Store all your camera equipment in one place with a new modular and dynamic wall system.

    * Free up space in your studio or office
    * Speed up your packing routine
    * Better overview of all your camera gear
    Modular design The modular design makes it possible to connect an unlimited number of systems together and too easily extend the width of the CRDWALL. Freely place the gear on the cord and keep everything in one place. CRDWALL gives you a better overview of all gear and equipment and saves space in the studio, garage, home, or office.

    The CRDBAG Wall System A dynamic storage-wall system based on cords
    * Keep all your gear in one place
    * Perfect overview of all your equipment
    * Easily adjust the size of your wall
    * Low weight and takes up minimal of space when transporting
    * Flat design on the wall makes more space in the room?
    * Flat, minimalistic design
    * Easy to install, adjust, and expand
    * Light and takes up minimal of space when transporting?
    * 2 x Black aluminium tracks (610 mm / 24")
    * 8 x Track hooks
    * 8 x Crdloops
    * 1 x Crdlock
    * 1 x Cord (30m / 98') - Black, Silver Grey or Ultra Neon Yellow Länk till produkten »


    VELCRO PATCHES 18 miscellaneous embroidered velcro hook patches made for CRDPOUCH MKII.

    12 x Embroidered text patches
    2 x Red squares
    2 x Green squares
    2 x Blue squares Länk till produkten »



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