Drones and remote productions are soaring in popularity

Scandinavian Photo is an industry leader in photo, video and audio technology in the Nordics. During the pandemic, the company has seen a steady demand for live streaming equipment, and that demand shows no signs of slowing. We caught up with Emelie Olsson, their Head of Marketing, to talk about it and other trends.

Over the last couple of years, Olsson has seen an increase in customers looking for equipment to help them produce content in-house. More companies have even chosen to build their own studios for producing videos, podcasts, or photoshoots. Olsson stresses that it shows clients now want to be able to create content remotely, where they can collaborate with colleagues all over the world. 

There is a huge demand for equipment that makes it possible to manage TV productions remotely, which is called remote production.This means that the filming is done on location – for example, in a studio or a sports arena – but the post-production is done in an editing suite at another site,” she says. 

This type of production is carried out via fast-moving networks where people can co-produce live from different locations. Olsson sees that the demand for digital meetings remains stable apart from a small dip in the last few months. She predicts that remote production will continue to be a popular choice as many companies realise the ease it offers for employees. 

Drones are on also the rise

The demand for drones is also increasing, with customers looking for drones that can work both on land and in water. While drones are often used for photography, they're performing other functions as well: deliveries by drones have been tested in Ireland and are already operating in the US. 

Well see this new technology being used across different areas, like last-mile deliveries of groceries, which have already been tested on the Irish market,” says Olsson.

Drones have been a key piece of photo and video equipment for many years, capturing beautiful landscapes and aerial footage. Olsson looks forward to showcasing the latest visual trends at LLB Expo.

LLB Expo is an important fair for the industry and a great opportunity to meet current as well as new customers,” she says. We will feature the latest camera products from Sony, Canon, and Blackmagic Design, to name a few. Well  focus mainly on equipment for live production and live broadcasts.”

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